September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is one of those rare gray days when I actually have the majority of the day to myself – and the house to boot. My new roommates (who were actually my friends to begin with) are wonderful, but on days like today it’s nice to have some lamplight, a couch, and a teapot all to yourself. Oh, and a nice playlist (I’m rather proud of my Bob Dylan/Simon & Garfunkel/The Mamas and the Papas/Jimi Hendrix/The Moody Blues compilation for today).

I made a ratatouille “tart” over the weekend (while home sick from work) and it came out even better than I expected. Here’s the original. I replaced the feta with chevre. I wish I could’ve found the Dufour puff pasty she refers to in the blog, but I probably wouldn’t have wanted to pay for it anyway. Leftover vegetables got roasted cut-side down to soften, then cut up and put to simmer with a can of chopped San Marzano tomatoes + juice, blended into soup, and received a smallish dose of leftover chevre…and promptly became lunch at work the next day.

I could blab about for ages. Just discovered it last week, and I’ve already read every page on the site. It’s basically my fantasy culinary life.

Speaking of fantasies, I can’t wait to get my camera soon-ish! I’m planning on a Canon EOS 7D. It’ll be so great to have the ability to just go out and shoot video, and I’ve heard this model makes for some beautiful footage. Now, if only I had Final Cut Pro…


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