Spring 2010: Day 2

January 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

New semester! New classes! New house! New blog!

The lineup this time around is as follows: Intermediate Filmmaking, Masters of Cinema: Roberto Rossellini, Contemporary Moral Theories, Introduction to Italian, and Judo. It’s only a 15-credit semester but I plan to be spending much of my time outside of class researching/watching films, getting a student group together for my film class, practicing judo and Italian, and reading and re-reading philosophy. Oh, and doing a work-study. And applying for transfers for next year. And maybe seeing friends sometimes. And cooking for myself.

Movin’ on Saturday if things keep going so well. Dropped off the new lease at the new house and am just waiting for people to sign it; at the same time I’m making sure that the note that was left for me today (saying that someone else who just moved in can take over my lease) happens without a hitch.

I have thought several times about starting a webcomic. Maybe I’ll do that…

And here it is!!

Be gentle, it's a first attempt.


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